SEAFF III | Living in the Past

Living in the past re-animates stereoscopic images of Melbourne from the 1920s. Technically the film makes a statement about how each new iteration of moving image technology reclaims artifacts and gestures from the past. Such an archeology enables the viewer to approach these images in new ways. Further, just as the image has become unstable so have our beliefs. Living in the Past recycles Jethro Tull’s lyrics to indicate that we no longer understand the political situation we live in.

Dirk de Bruyn is Associate Professor of Screen and Design at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. His experimental film work and performances have screened internationally over the last 40 years, with retrospectives at Punto Y Raya and Melbourne International Animation Festivals in 2016.

SEAFF III | Love and Radio – Animal Parts

Dan recounts a mysterious visitation that had an unusual effect on him and his fellow travelers while touring the United States with his band. An animated extract from podcast Love and Radio.

Adam Wells is a animator from the UK, living in Stockholm. His work has been shown at festivals around the world, is full of the absurd, mysterious and occasionally comedic.

SEAFF III | Where The Truth Lies

Where the Truth Lies is a found footage collage poem for absurd times. Disparate images, sounds and text collide in a disorienting world of trickery and deception.

Diane Nerwen is a video artist and media arts educator. She has shown her work internationally, including screenings at the Berlin Film Festival, the Museum of Modern Art, NY, the Guggenheim Museum, NY, and the Tate Modern, London. She was awarded a DAAD Artist in Residence Fellowship in Berlin in 2001. Her work is distributed by Video Data Bank, Chicago and Vtape, Toronto. Nerwen was born in Montreal and lives in Brooklyn, NY


An animated music video for the song ‘I Am Sex’ by Israeli musician Alon Eder. Animated in a constant dynamic pace, the style mixes a childlike line with classic animation principles. The song, recorded on an 80’s Casio organ, deals with sex, anxiety, love and intimacy in a raw and honest way. Film budget: $0.

Yuval Haker was born in California and raised between London and Tel Aviv. Finished studies at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. Currently lives in NY working as a freelance animator/director. Yuval’s films try to take you on a strange trip through his brain and hopefully through yours as well. I am sex is his graduation film at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

SEAFF III | Day And Night

Day and night is like an autobiographical poem made of tears and love. A few years ago, Emma had a breakdown. The short-film traces her reconstruction through her own eyes.

Emma Séméria is a French director. She has a Master’s Degree in Cinema. Day and night is her second short-film. She is now editing her new short-film which was filmed in Nice (France) and talks about youth and grief.