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SEAFF III | World of Forms

“World of Forms” is a dance short captured underwater. Based on Plato’s “Theory of Forms,” Andrea and Tyler move through a world unbound by physical material, where all ideas exist in a fluid and open state. When Andrea is left to question how real a physical object is, versus her pool of ideas, she works to lead Tyler onto a path of truth.

Andrea has had her work screened in New York, Paris, and London. Music plays a central role in her work, and she oftentimes composes her own score. She’s currently recording an album that will be the basis for dance film works to come. As a choreographer, Andrea teaches throughout the U.S. and has most recently performed her work in Italy for the 2018 Mediterraneo Dance Festival. Further, Andrea has performed her work as a featured artist in TEDx at the Phillips Center as well as in “Facing the Refugee Crisis” at the Digital Worlds Institute in Gainesville, Florida.

SEAFF III | There Be Dragons

Advanced technologies propel cities to seemingly move on their own. This film is an experimental reflection on the automation, and alienation, underlying the city of Doha—one of the world’s wealthiest capitals. This visual amble through the streets reveals an automated, quirky, and alternative side to the city.

Suzannah Mirghani is an independent filmmaker working on highlighting stories from the Gulf region, with a special interest in exploring the wealth of multicultural encounters that occur in a traditionally cosmopolitan place like Qatar. Her research background is in communication, media, and museum studies.