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Silver in the churn Jasper Lee

SEAFF IV | Silver in the churn | Jasper Lee

A hypnotic audio-visual song in which the Southern landscape is used as a foundation for exploring superstition, ritual and the sacred. Drawing from research into Southeastern superstitions, the abstract lyrical quality of this lore is woven into an oblique dance through repetition and juxtapositon. Small bodily gestures reveal a map of relationships and trace the ways time and power shape the land and us.

Jasper Lee is an artist and musician from central Alabama whose work in filmmaking explores superstition and the transmission of knowledge in the deep South.

Western Lily Windsor

SEAFF IV | Western | Lily Windsor

A woman’s observational journey through a dreamscape that is visually different from her usual world but still features influences from her life in its landscape. Made with stop-motion animation, multi-plane, and embroidered animation.

Lily Windsor is a stop-Motion Fabricator and animation student at CalArts

1958 Delivery Elysa Wendi

SEAFF IV | 1958 Delivery | Elysa Wendi

Loosely based on the journey of a delivery man carrying the funeral flower board in search of the receiving address from Sheung Wan Hollywood Road to Tai Ping Shan Street. The film is inspired by a photographic book titled Hong Kong Reminiscence 1958 by Nagano Shigeichi taken in Hong Kong from 1958-1960 and re-imagined further with the hidden stories of possible trapped souls by old houses that are going to be demolished.

Preoccupied with the abstraction of memory from place, time and biographical traces, Elysa Wendi currently explores her works in film, photography and performance. In 2013, Wendi co-founded Cinemovement, a platform to host dance film laboratory together with film producer Jeremy Chua in 2015. Elysa is now working between Hong Kong and Singapore as an Independent film and dance artist.

Top 5 Animation Containers Ben Wheele

SEAFF IV | Top 5 Animation Containers | Ben Wheele

A feverish Youtube countdown video exploring how viral memes evolve, particularly Creepypasta stories (online horror stories spread through ‘copy and paste’). Using a cast of imaginary digital hybrids, the film evokes themes of mutation, technological anxiety and bodily transformation.

Ben Wheele is a computer animator and visual artist. He studied animation at Royal College of Art and teaches at Middlesex University. His films have been screened at festivals internationally, including Annecy, Pictoplasma, and London International Animation Festival.