SEAFF IV | Full program & audience award voting | Free, online & pandemic friendly

We’re thrilled to finally bring you the fourth edition of Stockholm Experimental and Animation Film Festival, all online and completely free of charge. This edition has been delayed several times, most recently due to the ongoing pandemic. Below are 33 terrific short films for your enjoyment, available until September 12th. Watch them, attend our Facebook event, vote for the audience award below, take care of each other and wash your hands regularly. Winners will be announced in late September.

Experimental shorts
The Stag’s Mirror Robin Starbuck, USA
pipe Felix Kruis, Germany
The Place From Where I Write You Letters Nikolina Bogdanović, Croatia
Boom -> Bust (Vicious Cylcles #1) Wobbe F. Koning, US
A fixed answer Britany Gunderson, US
1958 Delivery Elysa Wendi, Hong Kong
Silver in the Churn Jasper Lee, US
Magnitude Kai Welf Hoyme, Germany
Move John Graham, Canada
Strange Animal Arthur B. Senra, Brazil

Animated shorts
Ice Time (Temps de Glace) Rachel Samson, Canada
Silver Seeds Kim Collmer, Germany
Not Your Panda Tigris Alt Sakda, Canada
Freeze Frame Soetkin Verstegen, Belgium
Horizon Leap Beata Pantya, Hungary
Spines Sois de Traca, UK
Animated shorts, continued
Temptation Ivan Arkhipov, Russia
Bay of Plenty Milva Stutz, Switzerland
Now 2 Kevin Eskew, US
Get up, Pierrot Gurleen Rai & F. Anthony Shepherd, US
Postpartum Henriette Rietz, Germany
The Opposites Game Anna Samo & Lisa LaBracio, US
Top 5 Animation Containers Ben Wheele, UK
Western Lily Windsor, US
Airship of unknown direction Alexandra Galitskova, Russia
Alma Michelangelo Fornaro, Italy
Castle Ryotaro Miyajima, Japan
Wind Dana Sink, US
Floatl Jan Luis Gottwald, Germany
The Hole Will Kim, US
Prey Jing Sun, China/US
Love Me, Fear Me Veronica Solomon, Germany
Nuit chérie (Sweet Night) Lia Bertels, Belgium
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Audience Award Poll
Temps de Glace (Ice Time)
Silver Seeds
The Stag's Mirror
Not Your Panda
Freeze Frame
Horizon Leap
Bay of Plenty
Now 2
The Place From Where I Write You Letters
Boom -> Bust (Vicious Cylcles #1)
Get Up, Pierrot
A Fixed Answer
The Opposites Game
Top 5 Animation Containers
1958 Delivery
Silver in the Churn
Airship of Unknown Direction
The Hole
Love Me, Fear Me
Strange Animal
Nuit chérie (Sweet Night)
Nuit chérie (Sweet Night) Lia Bertels

SEAFF IV | Nuit chérie (Sweet Night) | Lia Bertels

In winter, in Himalaya, a bear does not manage to fall asleep. He thinks too much and is in the doldrums. When a white monkey suggests him going to eat some honey at his aunt to change him the ideas. A beautiful winter night opens has they and the bear realizes that he did well, not to fall asleep.

Studying animation cinema at La Cambre from 2006 to 2011, Lia Bertels quickly became attached to a poetic cinema giving as much importance to writing as to the expression of her characters, all full of intentions and humor. Her work dwells on the details that say a lot about the characters and she devotes all her energy and her mind to representing the invisible in each of us, the unacknowledged gesture that betrays us all in our fairest character, leaving behind a deep lesson in humanism. From live music videos to pure illustration through her favorite instrument animation, Lia Bertels uses graphic expression in an efficient and stripped-down style, a real plea for the deep nature of beings, taking its audience into an extremely intimate sphere of perceptions and feelings.

Strange Animal Arthur B. Senra

SEAFF IV | Strange Animal | Arthur B. Senra

Strange animal, the dictatorship: men without wings, birds without feet.

Arthur B. Senra is Brazilian. He studied Film and Video and has a specialization in Creative Processes in Words and Image. He is a director of short films, music videos, professor of audiovisual workshops, and also collaborated on several film projects. His works have been featured in national and international festivals, receiving several awards. He worked as assistant director of the MUMIA – Underground World Animation Festival from 2006 to 2015. From 2016 to 2018 he was curator and programmer of the Sesc Palladium movie theater in Belo Horizonte (Brazil). Currently lives in Brasilia and works as curator and programmer of film festivals.

Love me, fear me Veronica Solomon

SEAFF IV | Love me, fear me | Veronica Solomon

LOVE ME, FEAR ME is a dance metaphor about the roles we play and the shapes we take, about the stages we chose, the audience we try to impress and the price of acceptance.

Born in Romania in 1980, currently living in Berlin, Germany. Owning a degree in Fine Arts (2003), Veronica Solomon began a self-training process to become an animator alongside doing comics and illustration. In 2017 she graduated from the Filmuniversity Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF with a BA in Animation.

PREY Jing Sun

SEAFF IV | Prey | Jing Sun

As an ancient eastern proverb described: “a mantis hunting the cicada unknowingly falls prey to the eyes of an oriole.”— the most vivid view of natural cycle in human societies is best seen through lens of karma on a microscopic scale.

Jing Sun is an animation director/animator based in Chengdu, China and Los Angeles. In 2018, she graduated from California State University Los Angeles where she is majoring in animation studies with a concentration in aesthetic animation shorts. Her interest in animation began during the last two years of her BFA study in Jilin Animation institute in China when she had the opportunities to cooperate with Dmitry Geller, a Russian independent animation director. Their animation shorts like I Saw Mice Burying A Cat won numerous awards all over the world, including the Grand Prix Festival, in Hiroshima, Japan,the Best Short Film in with “Golden Monkey” in China,and the Special Jury Prize with “Suzdal” in Russia. Inspired by this international cooperation, Jing went to the United States to pursue her MFA from 2014 to 2018. During the four yeas study, she has completed her first independent animation short, “The Old Man and The Pears” in 2016 and her thesis project “Prey” in 2018. Her goal is to continue to explore in the aesthetic areas of animation, to invent and explore more possibilities in visualization.

The Hole Will Kim

SEAFF IV | The Hole | Will Kim

“The Hole” is about a mother bird with a big hole in her heart, on a journey of searching for her baby son that fails to fly and accidentally falls into a hole. With an original sound track by Green Seo, Will Kim uses watercolor animation technique to reflect on his personal and universal experience of tragedy and despair. Will Kim is a Los Angeles based artist and filmmaker. Will currently teaches animation at Riverside City College where he directs Riverside City College Animation Showcase.

Will Kim received an MFA (’09) in Animation from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and a BFA (’07) in Character Animation from Cal Arts (California Institute of the Arts). Will also taught at CalArts, Community Arts Partnership and Sitka Fine Arts Camp as a media art instructor among several other institutions. Will has been serving as a judge for AniMazSpot Int. Animation Feedback Festival since 2017. Kim’s work has showed in over 100 international film/animation festivals and auditoriums including Directors Guild of America (DGA) Theater, Regal Cinemas, Academy of TV Arts and Sciences Theater, The Getty Center, Centre Pompidou Web Series, The USC Arts and Humanities Initiative, and Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego. Some of Kim’s works have been aired on TV throughout the world including SBS (South Korea’s National Television Network), Japanese National Television Networks, TBS (American Subscription Television Network).