5th edition will be held in September 2023. More information to come.
5th edition will be held in September 2023. More information to come.
pipe Felix Kruis

SEAFF IV | pipe | Felix Kruis

A stranger comes to the upper bavarian province. His nocturnal drive stops abruptly, teeth snap. He wakes up. The dream has left a wound. A transformational journey of the stranger through the dark side of “home” begins. Felix Kruis locates the artistic work in the genre of film noir and plays with established motifs and aesthetics. The plot is transferred into the cultural environment of the artist and thus refers to the abysmal in the familiar. Safety is staged as the menacing: the germ of the ugly is already laid out in the beautiful, that of horror in the ecstatic experience.

Felix Kruis grew up near Cologne and Ambach at lake Starnberg – Germany. A master student of Stephan Huber (Academy of fine arts Munich) and art scientist (LMU – University of Munich), he had created numerous art projects in Munich and abroad ranging between theater / performance / film and the multimedia arts. Always corresponding to a space-sound-music relationship, such as the video performance KULTURTOUR MIT PANZER through Munich’s city center in 2011, with newly composed and improvised live music and was considered with a debut funding of the city of Munich. With the theater and art collective WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET, he worked as a video, sound artist and director on various projects in the context of electronic music in the Red Sun Munich with subsequent festival participation in Germany and abroad, as well as in renowned locations such as in the House of Art Munich with the performance OBSERVATORIUM. Most recently, the walk-in, theatrical radio drama installation DER IMPERATIV DES FEIERNS was created in the Technoclub ‘Rote Sonne’, which received a project grant from the City of Munich. As individual artists the most recent works are the art film KRACHZN as well as the video art series OPAPA, which was exhibited in the House of Artists (BBK Munich) within the Videodox Festival. Most recently, with Nikolaus Witty, he realized a first installation version of the “Reality Distortion Field” room-sound-music experiment at the ‘TU- University – TechFest’ and at ‘Import / Export’.


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