5th edition will be held in September 2023. More information to come.
5th edition will be held in September 2023. More information to come.
PREY Jing Sun

SEAFF IV | Prey | Jing Sun

As an ancient eastern proverb described: “a mantis hunting the cicada unknowingly falls prey to the eyes of an oriole.”— the most vivid view of natural cycle in human societies is best seen through lens of karma on a microscopic scale.

Jing Sun is an animation director/animator based in Chengdu, China and Los Angeles. In 2018, she graduated from California State University Los Angeles where she is majoring in animation studies with a concentration in aesthetic animation shorts. Her interest in animation began during the last two years of her BFA study in Jilin Animation institute in China when she had the opportunities to cooperate with Dmitry Geller, a Russian independent animation director. Their animation shorts like I Saw Mice Burying A Cat won numerous awards all over the world, including the Grand Prix Festival, in Hiroshima, Japan,the Best Short Film in with “Golden Monkey” in China,and the Special Jury Prize with “Suzdal” in Russia. Inspired by this international cooperation, Jing went to the United States to pursue her MFA from 2014 to 2018. During the four yeas study, she has completed her first independent animation short, “The Old Man and The Pears” in 2016 and her thesis project “Prey” in 2018. Her goal is to continue to explore in the aesthetic areas of animation, to invent and explore more possibilities in visualization.

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