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Get Up, Pierrot Gurleen Rai, F. Anthony Shepherd

SEAFF IV | Get Up, Pierrot | Gurleen Rai & F. Anthony Shepherd

Pierrot is an existential pastry made by folding layers of identity upon itself with equal parts tears and smiles. The archetypal, sad clown, pining for true happiness, but finding only failure, and rejection in place of success. “Get Up, Pierrot” was created as an IG Choose-Pierrot’s-Adventure series using crowd sourced answers about a scene as inspiration to create the succeeding scene.

Gurleen Rai is a professional artist and illustrator who has become an animator so that she can tell more elaborate stories. Her animation projects range from narrative-focused, frame animation to experimental, non-narrative art pieces.

F. Anthony Shepherd is a New Orleans born musician who has found creative freedom in exploring what he can do as a writer, producer, and studio musician. He composes, performs, and produces all of the music and foley. He also directs and records actors as well as doing much of the editing for the animation and experimental audiovisuals of Zim + Teemo.