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SEAFF III | The Lost Sound

Inspired by the poem ‘On Ç’ by Hiromi Itō, a woman looks at the matrilineal inheritance of linguistic tones in her family, mourning the parts of languages that become extinct through semantic evolution.

Steffie Yee is a mixed media animator and illustrator based in Sydney.

“What appeals to me about the poem ‘On Ç’ is Hiromi Itō’s sensibility in describing how the evolution of language and culture has impacted her. It seems that her experience with ‘forgotten’ dialects is very common among the Asian community and it is something that I can relate to on a personal level and have expressed through ‘The Lost Sound’.”

SEAFF III | GIF Me Something To Hold On To

GIF ME SOMETHING TO HOLD ON TO is an experimental short film full of bold colours and frantic textures. It is an exploration of the animated GIF, especially the seamless looping aspect of the medium.

Chhaya Naran is a queer, trans artist and animator. Currently based in Vancouver, BC, they hail from Ontario, and are a part of the South Asian diaspora. Alongside their animation practice, Chhaya is also a writer and a creator of zines. In all their work, Chhaya is influenced by their multiple overlapping identities, as well as a love for friends, family, food, and fantasy.