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SEAFF III | Medium Rare

Functional and aesthetic values in recurrent, yet questionable domestic scenarios.

Luca Cioci is a filmmaker and visual artist from Italy. He recently graduated with a BFA in Animation from CalArts and currently resides in Los Angeles working as a multi-disciplinary freelancer.

SEAFF III | Meeting MacGuffin

In a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has fallen apart, a group of scientists and an animated sign complete the construction of a new human race and meet a groundhog climatologist who prepares them for their mission to restore balance to the decimated Earth.

Catya Plate, born in Barcelona, Spain, and raised in Germany, is a Brooklyn based award winning filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist. Her animated films, sculptures, paintings, and drawings explore the ephemeral nature of existence by creating an alternative universe, which exposes, among other things, humanity’s impact on the environment.

SEAFF III | Overcooked

An account of human interaction in a waiting room. Overcooked is primarily exploring what one could call the peripheries of the physical and the social: an intersection of emissions, absorptions, rejects, absurdities and distortions. We’re dealing with materialities, whether of bodies, formless blubbering or active objects – everything that somehow steps over the edges is welcome. The outcome neither expresses standardised feelings nor bodies, but rather those that exaggerate, fathom and undermine normed sensations.

Flaccid Knob is an audio-visual collaborative which consists of Nadja Kurz (visual artist, Germany) and Per Warberg (musician, Sweden), founded in 2014, which mainly experiments with various synthesizers, field recording, samples and noise.

SEAFF III | Janet, Who Fell From The Sea

A girl falls into an underwater town, haunted by the ghosts of unfinished stories. She falls from one story to the next, following the sound of an ethereal bell. Based on the legend of the drowned town on Dunwich, it explores the liminality between adulthood and childhood, reality and fiction.

Isabel Greenberg is an illustrator, writer and animator based in London. Prior to attending the RCA to study animation, she has had two graphic novels published by Jonathan Cape. Both have received critical acclaim and have been translated into several languages. The transition from book to moving image is one she has been very excited to make.