Andrea Ward

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SEAFF III | World of Forms

“World of Forms” is a dance short captured underwater. Based on Plato’s “Theory of Forms,” Andrea and Tyler move through a world unbound by physical material, where all ideas exist in a fluid and open state. When Andrea is left to question how real a physical object is, versus her pool of ideas, she works to lead Tyler onto a path of truth.

Andrea has had her work screened in New York, Paris, and London. Music plays a central role in her work, and she oftentimes composes her own score. She’s currently recording an album that will be the basis for dance film works to come. As a choreographer, Andrea teaches throughout the U.S. and has most recently performed her work in Italy for the 2018 Mediterraneo Dance Festival. Further, Andrea has performed her work as a featured artist in TEDx at the Phillips Center as well as in “Facing the Refugee Crisis” at the Digital Worlds Institute in Gainesville, Florida.