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SEAFF IV | Silver Seeds | Kim Collmer

Based on methods found in early fantasy cinema, Silver Seeds unveils a microcosmic world full of desire, longing and dreams. In this world two friends go about their daily lives, while also imagining journeys to the sky. There is a logic to this strange place, but this logic is eventually disrupted. Stop motion animation is used to depict the very human desire to move beyond the physical constraints of existence. The results is a spiritual awakening, a synthesis of the material and the immaterial and the acknowledgment of the complexities of being human. The film is also a metaphor for digital media and film, Silver Seeds paying homage to the “silver screen”.

Kim Collmer is an American artist based in Cologne, Germany. In her practice, she negotiates memory, fantasy, and humor to question historical and contemporary notions of progress and development. Working with traditional animation techniques, video, and collage, her work often pays tribute to forgotten “futuristic” spaces. Collmer develops and explores, these environs through an expansive use of materials that she further manipulates through editing and compositional strategies. Her work has been described as having “an epic sweep” by the New York Times, and she has been compared to Alexander Calder for the childlike charm of her films by the New Yorker.