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Alma Michelangelo Fornaro

SEAFF IV | Alma | Michelangelo Fornaro

A Journey From Darkness to Light. Alma reveals the metamorphosis of a man before his fears and unexpected discoveries. The investigation of his own nature takes him to uncertain conditions, just like the very essence he is made of.

In 2004 Michelangelo Fornaro graduated from the National School of Cinema in Turin specializing in Stop motion. Starting in 2006 he worked as an Art Director and Model Maker in England for feature films and television series. During his career he made several short films including Lo Guarracino, a finalist for the David di Donatello and winner of various awards in Italy and abroad. In 2009 he coordinated the specialization course “Creative animation” for IED Turin. He currently works for Rai and as Model Maker for Stop motion animation projects.