Sally Grizzell Larson

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SEAFF 2016 | Axiom

Sally Grizzell Larson, Axiom

The rhythm of clapping hands, the repetition of images in equally timed segments: We are lulled and seduced. Like any other high functioning receptor, the human brain is indiscriminate about what it picks up. How then do we resist the seemingly benign when we’re mesmerized by it in spite of our better judgment?

At the Toronto Urban Film Festival, “Axiom” was awarded Best in Category: The Medium is the Message. Screenings of her video works include NewFilmmakers NY, Anthology Film Archives; Galerija Galženica, Velika Gorica, Croatia; Berlin International Directors Lounge. Her photographic work has been exhibited at the National Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow; Brooklyn Museum; Goldsmiths and elsewhere.