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SEAFF III | Overcooked

An account of human interaction in a waiting room. Overcooked is primarily exploring what one could call the peripheries of the physical and the social: an intersection of emissions, absorptions, rejects, absurdities and distortions. We’re dealing with materialities, whether of bodies, formless blubbering or active objects – everything that somehow steps over the edges is welcome. The outcome neither expresses standardised feelings nor bodies, but rather those that exaggerate, fathom and undermine normed sensations.

Flaccid Knob is an audio-visual collaborative which consists of Nadja Kurz (visual artist, Germany) and Per Warberg (musician, Sweden), founded in 2014, which mainly experiments with various synthesizers, field recording, samples and noise.

SEAFF 2016 | Winterreise

Director | Johan Bergström Hyldahl

Winterreise chronicles the tale of the lowland gorilla Katharina Wisnierska and her life in Bavaria, Germany. At an early age, around the time when the Moon suddenly and mysteriously disappears from its orbit around the Earth, Katharina develops an interest in flying, and after flying planes and parachutes becomes a competitive paraglider.

Johan Bergström Hyldahl holds an MFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, and has been represented by Cecilia Hillström since his BFA exhibition in 2011. He has also studied at Hunter College, New York (MFA), and holds an MSc from Stockholm School of Economics.

SEAFF 2016 | Sever Ninjas

Director | Johan Wik

In his video work Seven Ninjas Wik uses completely analog special effects inspired by Japanese Kuroko 黒子. In collaboration with seven dancers he has developed a choreography of violence in which a group of young female characters, each armed with a samurai sword, machetes, guns and hammers, chop one another’s heads and arms off. Their bodies and body parts fly through the air in a faked slow motion, supported by black-clad ninjas against a black background as in a puppet theater.

Johan Wik holds an MFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. His previous works have been shown at both Fotografiska Museet and Moderna Museet in Stockholm.