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Boom -> Bust (Vicious Cylcles #1) Wobbe F. Koning

SEAFF IV | Boom -> Bust (Vicious Cylcles #1) | Wobbe F. Koning

Irregular shaped object explosions, clean and bone white, are joined by rusty elements that better fit the worn down environment. Spiky objects sprout up and turn, joining in a growing rhythmical cacophony, until the entire system grinds to a halt. In this animation 3D printed physical manifestations of simulated virtual objects are re-virtualized through stop motion photography.

Wobbe F. Koning is a digital artist using 3D computer animation and editing techniques to manipulate real world input, procedurally generated shapes and virtually created objects. His animations have been shown at the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery, Prix Ars Electronica and various other festivals. Earlier work includes on-stage videos for dance performances, and multi screen installations. He currently teaches animation at Monmouth University in New Jersey, U.S.A.