5th edition will be held in September 2023. More information to come.
5th edition will be held in September 2023. More information to come.
Temptation Ivan Arkhipov

SEAFF IV | Temptation | Ivan Arkhipov

Information overload swallows you up like unconscious experience. Natural purity can pull you out, but people keep searching for a new experience to drown in. Civilization attracts and lures. Soul screams, accumulated inner stench and horror erupting out. By turning back to pristine purity person could find something giant and beautiful. Single frame animation made of graphic prints in the art of dry point engraving, as well as drawings made in pencil and charcoal. Film is made of CA 1000 prints and drawings.

“By combining various graphic techniques, I want to talk about person, person loneliness in the world, about seeking ,delusions an temptations, about gradually gained experience. I understood that the main thing is the process itself. All this in General – search. The search for yourself. And this process is endless.”

Ivan Arkhipov was born in Moscow on November 27, 1987. He graduated from the faculty of graphic design at MIEM NRU Higher school of Economics. In 2011 he started developing in different techniques of printed graphics. Living and working from Moscow, Ivan has participated in different russian and european exhibitions of graphics arts.

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