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Top 5 Animation Containers Ben Wheele

SEAFF IV | Top 5 Animation Containers | Ben Wheele

A feverish Youtube countdown video exploring how viral memes evolve, particularly Creepypasta stories (online horror stories spread through ‘copy and paste’). Using a cast of imaginary digital hybrids, the film evokes themes of mutation, technological anxiety and bodily transformation.

Ben Wheele is a computer animator and visual artist. He studied animation at Royal College of Art and teaches at Middlesex University. His films have been screened at festivals internationally, including Annecy, Pictoplasma, and London International Animation Festival.


Spines Elisa Morais, María Álvarez

SEAFF IV | Spines | Elisa Morais & María Álvarez

This time the dream was about to make sense… A reluctant hedgehog on a quest to solve an impossible puzzle. Spines is an exploration of doubt. Constructed as a dream, it follows a reluctant hedgehog in a quest to solve an impossible puzzle. The film mixes real dreams details with fictional scenarios

Sois de Traca is the collaborative duo formed by animation filmmakers María Álvarez and Elisa Morais. They met while studying engineering and together gradually turned to hand-drawn animation and storytelling. In their films they strive to combine traditional disciplines and media with new technologies producing also media art, interactive and projection mapping installations. Always drawn to life’s small details and to explore the fine line between drama and comedy. Influenced by surrealism, absurdism and rhythmic structures they try to capture daily inconsistencies, glimpses of human nature and oneiric landscapes. They also incorporate sound as part of the visual world.

SEAFF 2016 | Killing Moment

Director | Greg Penn

Penn about Killing Moment:
“I have explored all manner of techniques in awareness and methods of disrupting the cross talk in the brain between thought and perception.
We naturally seek out repetition and rhythm. I use repetition and rhythm to draw the viewer closer to a sense of surrender. “

Greg Penn was born London, UK, lives in Melbourne. Awarded Linden Postcard, Linden Centre of Contemporary Arts, Awarded Friends of VCA consecutive years. Awarded ‘Most innovative, Best Interpreted’ artwork ‘MUDfest’, Melbourne. Work exhibited Internationally at Focal Point Gallery, UK. Centre for Photography Woodstock, New York. Work held for one year MCA – Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Graduate MFA, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. Film and Photography graduate, University of Wales, UK.

SEAFF 2016 | The Calling

Chris Brod, The Calling

A visualized reflection of the beginnings of life jump cut to the atemporal fluidity of networked nudes that form a spiralling galaxy.

Chris Boyd is a British contemporary artist whose multi-media work is preoccupied with the interrelationships with technology and modes of Being. Boyd has shown work at a wide variety of galleries, events and venues, including Tate Online, FACT, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, The Lowry, Roundhouse, Urbis and Corsica Studios.